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The Post Independent e-Edition is moving to a subscription platform. Please note, all Post Independent stories remain free on the main website.

Subscription costs will be $35 for three months, $50 for six months and $75 for a year. We will be offering a free 30-day trial run.

The reason for this change are twofold. One, the e-Edition platform costs additional money on top of the news site itself. Two, we work hard to produce good journalism on a daily basis, and this will help us continue with that mission and producing products in the various formats our readers engage with us.

If you are a business owner who likes or relies on the e-Edition, you could be eligible for a comp subscription if you are part of our VIP program. Contact your individual account executive or email us at to learn more.

Although payments are processed by Paypal, you don't need a Paypal account to participate.

We appreciate your understanding and your support.
Prices :
1 Day(s) at $ 1.00, 1 Month(s) at $ 15.00, 3 Month(s) at $ 35.00, 6 Month(s) at $ 50.00, 1 Year(s) at $ 75.00
30 Days Free Trial
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