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Tyre pressure monitoring systems are being fitted as standard by more and more vehicle manufacturers, but are these systems really doing the job that fleet operators want? One small independent supplier thinks definitely not, and now it has won the support of one of the world’s biggest tyre-makers, Michelin. Tyres made in China have been subject to steep “anti-dumping” duties in the European Union since May. We assess what effect this has had to date on new tyre and retread sales in the UK and what the future might hold. Cummins engineers have been lifting the veil a little on their latest work on turbochargers and exhaust after-treatment systems. More news on Cummins electric drivetrains is promised soon, but the central message meanwhile is that truck and bus diesel engine development has a long way still to go. Call Denise on +44 (0) 1428 605605 to find out about the latest subscription offers.

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