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For the past 130 years, the Nottingham Post has proudly remained an essential part of the fabric of everyday local life. Founded in 1878, Nottingham Post is one of the UK's most successful local newspapers.

Every day, except Sunday and Christmas Day, it continues to publish unrivalled compelling local news and sports coverage. It remains at the forefront of encouraging and championing Nottinghamshire communities' aspirations and helping support local people to make a real difference.

The Nottingham Post is widely recognised for its strong campaigning stance and comprehensive coverage of local, national and international news. This is complemented with daily informative features and topical supplements. The Post offers the best guide to daily life in and around the city and county of Nottinghamshire.

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Immerse yourself in all the latest reports from our local football clubs – Nottingham Forest, Notts County and Mansfield Town. There are also regular features on Nottingham Panthers, Nottingham Rugby Club, and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. All the local sports scene is covered by the best writers in the region, along with a whole lot more.

Included daily feature sections/supplements:

  • Mon: Family/Schools & Education
  • Tues: Business Post/Grassroots Sport/Health & Wellbeing
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  • Thurs: Properties Guide/Consumer & Shopping
  • Fri: Motors/E.G
  • Sat: Weekender Magazine/Jobs Extra/Outdoors & Hobbies

Whatever you are looking for, there is something in the Nottingham Post for you - whether it's news of what’s going on in your community; wanting to share and celebrate a family occasion; share your successes; looking for a job, home or motor; or simply to improve your lifestyle, you’ll find it inside Nottingham’s best-read newspaper!

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