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The March edition includes news of the latest government response to repeated calls for a legal age limit on commercial vehicle tyres, at least those fitted to buses and coaches. A Surrey coach crash in 2012 left three dead after the vehicle's nearside front steer-axle tyre failed catastrophically. The tyre was nearly 20 years old. Now TRL has been commissioned to research the full effects of ageing on tyre safety. Experts already doubt that a simple ten-year age limit would be wise or effective. The mother of one of the Surrey coach crash's young victims strongly disagrees, and doubts the government's motives. We have the full story. People in the news this month include David Cebon, the Cambridge University professor offering truck operators a cost-effective route to 15 per cent fuel economy savings through the university's Centre for Sustainable Road Freight. Call Denise on +44 (0) 1428 605605 to find out about the latest subscription offers.

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