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Continue is a magazine for the gaming community – the global gaming community. Not only video and computer games, but board games, card games, role-playing games, alternate reality games, anything that falls into the category of humans engaging to have fun. It's a celebration of gaming.

Inside Issue 2:
• The French Connection – From blockbusters to indie fare, the artistry of the French game design ethos has influenced generations. We talk to leading créateurs français to try and define the ‘French Touch’.
• Virtual Yours – Balancing genuine emotional intimacy and gratuitous titillation in games is a tricky affair, and very few get it right. It’s even harder to take seriously when you know the models involved.
• Playing The Long Game – Some board games last an hour, some last a night, but a rare few transcend a single evening’s pleasure, calling on anything up to several months per session. Energy drinks at the ready...
• Event DMing – Running a tabletop RPG at home is a million miles away from the high-pressure, time-restricted world of convention game mastering.
• Making It Up As They Go Along – Self-generating content is increasingly being seen as a lifeline for independent game developers on tight budgets, but there are as many pitfalls as benefits for the unprepared designer.
• The Financial Frontier – Kickstarter may have spearheaded a funding revolution for game creators, but it’s only one side of the story. How are publishers, developers and the public reacting to this sea change?
• The Social Touch – Multiplayer takes on a whole new meaning in public. A series of indie gatherings and games is exploring the social side of gaming and examining what it means to play together.

As well as in-depth features about gaming culture, Continue brings you insightful thoughts about the ‘Gaming Sciences’ from experts in their fields, witty opinions from our leading columnists, and a day-by-day round up of the last three months in gaming news.

Find out more about Continue at our website: www.continuemag.com.

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